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Young Dylan with Persian cat
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There is another WHITMAN HOTEL in Paris, like the Hotel mentionned in Masked & Anonymous.
This hôtel is owned by the grand-son of Walt WHITMAN, you will found it on the first floor of the Shakespeare & C° bookshop, near Notre Dame.
Eveybody who loves books is welcome.

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If you ever come to Paris
On a cold and rainy night
& find the Shakespeare store
It can be a welcome sight
Because it has a motto
Something friendly and wise
Be kind to strangers
Lest they are angels in disguise
Above the wishing well
Is a place where you may stay
In the Tumbleweed Hotel
If you read a book a day.
The last time I saw Georges was may be in 1994.He is a real angel. I hope he is still well in his Tumbleweed Hôtel.
Walt WHITMAN was his grand-father. There is a WHITMAN Hotel in sthe movie Masked & Anonymous. I appreciate the coincidence.

Angèle BONI sur le chantier d'une grande fresque pour l'Institut Medico Educatif de MENTON (1994)

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la fresque

Bob Dylan Band + David à la guitare    David et l'Ontario Blues Band (cliquez)  extrait de "EN DEFORA" (cliquez et téléchargez"

extrait de "POU ESTRE..." (cliquez et téléchargez") JANLUC SAUVAIGO and his band give us their usual mixture of original material combined with excellent covers of country-rock-style classics by Neil Young,George Harrison and Lennon & McCartny with a unique treatment which
breathes new life and meanings into them, employing their own Native tongue of "Nissarte", which is an archaic dialect spoken only in the older quarters of Nice by the old-timers and slightly eccentric "baby-boomers" such as Jean Luc
Sauvaigo, leader of the Ontario Blues Band who are:
Alain-rhythm guitar,
Claude - bass
David-electric guitar
(Jan Luc alias) Luchino and Nathalie-backing vocals.
It is a very melodic and poetic tongue which adds mystique and extra dimensions to these tuneful tried and tested musical gems- well worth checking out.
Ontario have already recorded many Bob DYLAN covers. :
JAN LUC SAUVAIGO et son groupe nous donnent encore leur habituel mélange de chansons inédites dans le style " COUNTRY ROCK " classique auquel ils sont restés fidèles et d’excellentes " covers " de NEIL YOUNG GEORGES HARRISSON et LENNON & MC CARTNEY, aux quelles ils donnent un nouveau souffle original en utilisant leur langue maternelle, le Niçois, parlé seulement dans les quartiers les plus anciens de Nice par des baby boomers et des excentriques et évidemment les ancêtres qui survivent et les poètes comme JEAN LUC SAUVAIGO et les membres de son groupe:
Alain: guitare rythmique
David : guitare électrique
Jàn Luc alias Luchino et Nathalie backing vocaux.
Le groupe donne une nouvelle dimension à ces chef d’œuvres. Il a enregistré plusieurs covers de DYLAN
Ici extraits de  "POU ESTRE LONG" et  "EN DEFORA"

1. My soul, have mercy on me
2. Treat you right
3. I’ll be there, Honey Bear
4. Love and the devil on the firemount
5. If I’d forsake you today
6. The man I love
7. Where the Blue Moon lays
8. Rock in the Surf
9. Able to love

Franz Nemeth playing mandolin on “Love and the devil …”
All songs written by Liz Souissi (c)

"Liz Souissi in her own words"
« Présenter mes chansons en deux ou trois phrases ... je ne peux vraiment pas. Elles parlent de souffrance, d’injustice, d’amour, de haine, des trop riches, des trop pauvres, de pouvoir et d'avidité, de l’espoir qui ne meurt pas ... love and hatred, power and greed, injustice and pain, disappointment and rain ... Ni en Anglais ni en Français je peux faire une rédaction.
... Il y a tant là-dedans que je ne peux même pas l’expliquer en une page.... Et il y a des trucs que je ne veux pas expliquer non plus. Chacun qui écoute mes chansons doit se faire sa propre image là-dessus. »  (écrire à : bluemoonliz@datacomm.ch )

Vous pouvez commander un exemplaire de:
« MOON TUNES » au prix de 15.00€ port inclus
Ecrivez à l’adresse E-mail  claude.certano@gmail.com
(Payable par chèque)

« Presenting my songs in two or three sentences, I really can't. They tell about suffering, about love, about hatred, about excessively rich and excessively poor men, about hope which doesn’t die, power and greed, injustice and pain, disappointment and rain … Neither in English nor in French I can make a summary of my songs. There's a lot that I cannot explain on one page. And there are things that I don't want to explain either. Every one who's listening to my songs has to create his own vision on it.»

You can order a copy of the CD:
« MOON TUNES » at the price of $ 20.00 including postage
Write to the E-mail address  boni.claude@voila.fr
(Please send only bank-notes)

He just touched me with his mind
No question to ask, no answer to find
This sound, it comes and goes
But where’s the west wind that blows
Blows to me the man I love

When he touched me with his heart
We knew it would last, ‘cause we held the good card
Two drums that beat as one
And the halo that shone
Shone on me and the man I love

The man I love, he’s the beauty that only I can see
He’s the miracle that nobody knows but me
He’s the river, the river that’s got to find the sea
The man I love

When he touched me with his eyes
A kiss through the veil, failing plans, many cries
Our tears are like the rain
That can cure burning pain
Rain on me, the man I love

When he touched me with his hands
It felt like a rhyme, we are much more than friends
I hear that lonesome tune
From the man in the moon
He’s a part of me, the man I love


He just touched me, I can’t believe
The tales people tell but I’m deep down in grief
I’d trade this grace within
For the touch of his skin
He’ll always be the man I love

            Liz Souissi – December 24th 2000